Kyle in Lake Assal, Djbouti

Sunday, November 28, 2010

49 Days...

'Low2High: Africa' will start in 49 days, and counting.

The plan as of now is I'll first go from Ethiopia to Djibouti by bus, with my bike on the roof. With 2 friends from Peace Corps, we are going snorkeling with the whale sharks that come into the harbor in the winter. After that, it's off to Lake Assal, the lowest point on the African continent, to start the expedition.

Right now, I'm in Bahir Dar for training and finishing some work. I still have to finish my Peace Corps contract before I can hit the road. I'm already feeling nostalgic for this place that I've called home for the last 21 months. As hard as it's been, there are many things that I will miss. I've made some close friends here, and it'll be sad to walk away from them. But, all things must end, and Peace Corps is another part of my life that I have to finish.

Truthfully, I feel a bit 'off' right now. Everything I do now is preparation for the big ride, so I feel I'm missing out on what's happening around me. I'm being very cautious not to get injured, I'm back to daily exercises, and my mind is on one track. It's hard to think about anything else except Low2High. In a way it's consuming me. Becoming an obsession. I think I need to take the time to enjoy this place for my last 6 weeks so I say some proper goodbyes and end my work on a high note.

If I keep looking to the future, I cannot enjoy the present. I'm lucky enough to live overseas, in Ethiopia of all places. I'll do what I can to not let 'what comes next' get in the way of 'what is happening now'.


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  1. The memories and the friends will stay with you forever!