Kyle in Lake Assal, Djbouti

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It's officially a fundraiser!

This expedition is a fundraiser for the New Day Children's Centre in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia. All donations go directly to the organization to help them raise funds for a new compound. I have been teaching Life Skills classes to the young adults at NDCC for the last 2 years. They are some of my greatest inspiration in life.

NDCC is a registered charity working to support young people living in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia. The Centre provides everyday essentials like food, clothes and access to accommodation for its students, helping them to put and end to their life on the streets, and to finish their education in a safe environment.

Founded in 2006, NDCC has grown from caring for 12 children to supporting over 50, and now employs nine local staff. One hundred per cent of the money we raise goes straight into the project, making sure that all of our students get the care they deserve and that every donation really does make a difference.
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