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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Beers with Tesh

I had a couple drinks with my friend Teshager tonight. He’s one of my closest friends in this country, and we had a great talk about life, romance, and, of all things, geology. He is a man that I am so grateful to have met, and will be sad when I have to leave.

It was a good, warm night in Bahir Dar of sitting on the balcony at a restaurant, drinking cold Dashen Beer, and watching the nighttime weirdos stirring to life in this small city. The bajaj drivers picking up college students on their way back to campus before the curfew locks them out, the lost and confused tourists trying to find their way to their overpriced, tacky hotels, and the usual random characters of the night were all out in full force. It was nice to feel like the last 2 years have been a great learning experience, and I now feel that I understand this place, just in time to go…

Maybe I’ll never fully understand life in Ethiopia, but being a Peace Corps Volunteer has forced me to learn the culture and (embarrassingly little) of the language. I’m glad that this has been my first experience abroad. It’s hard to ever picture myself in a white Land Rover, driving my self-entitled ass around town. Maybe it’s arrogant to think I’ll always be in touch with whatever community I live in, but right now I think that I’ve done well for myself in Bahir Dar.

As I stated before, I need to soak up what’s left of my time here and not worry about the future, and I feel that I did exactly that tonight. A couple beers, a good friend, and a good view of the city. Could I have a better night right now?


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