Kyle in Lake Assal, Djbouti

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Documentary in the Works

There's been talk for months of filming Low2High for a documentary to be released after I return from Kilimanjaro. I'd be filming it all myself as I travel through East Africa. Low2High will still be a solo expedition. No camera crew for Kyle! My friend, Sher, and I have been figuring out the logistics of carrying camera gear on the bicycle, capturing quality audio, keeping the batteries charged, and creating backups of all the raw footage. It's proving to be a bit elaborate, but not unreasonably difficult.

I'm still learning how to use the cameras, and how to make a watchable film. Sher is spending her weekend giving me a crash course in filmmaking. In the meantime, she went with me yesterday to the New Day Children's Centre where we interviewed the manager, Fikeru. We're also focusing on getting some footage of Bahir Dar and some new promotional photos for the Low2High blog and facebook pages.

One thing I'm keeping in mind is the large number of survival shows out there right now. While I'm taking some filmmaking pointers from Les Stroud ("Survivorman"), the last thing I want to do is imitate him or Bear Grylls ("Man Vs. Wild"). This won't be a film about survival. It'll be about life in Africa, and one man's travels through this vast continent on a bicycle. It's not going to be an instructional video on how to wring drinking water out of elephant crap or footage of me eating live insects. If I get hungry, I'll stop in a village and order some food at a restaurant. Deal with it!

The idea of filming Low2High is exciting to me. Even though I won't be able to release anything until summer 2011, I think I'll enjoy the filming process during the expedition.


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