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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Live from my Mosquito Net, It's Saturday Night

The mosquitoes that Bahir Dar is known for are out in full force tonight. I'm taking refuge under my mosquito net, especially since it's malaria season.

Changing of the Guard - Tonight I met with 5 new Peace Corps Volunteers that have just finished training. They are starting their 2 years of service in Ethiopia today, which is coincidentally the 2 year anniversary of my arrival in Ethiopia. It felt good to meet them, and I believe that the Peace Corps is getting stronger here, and I'm leaving Ethiopia in good hands.

I received an email today from the Hamburg Sun newspaper about doing an interview for an article about Low2High. It's the local paper from my hometown of Hamburg, NY, which is just south of Buffalo. Hopefully the interview will happen next week, and an article will be published soon after. Since Low2high is a fundraiser for the New Day Children's Centre in Ethiopia, I'm trying to get as much exposure as possible. The feature on was great, but maybe a bit premature since the expedition won't start for another 5 weeks. I'm open to anybody's ideas about getting exposure and spreading the word about Low2High and NDCC.

On that note, I emailed some organizations a while back about sponsorship. I had some ideas about them donating money in exchange for ad space on my blog, or on the Low2High facebook page

So far, no takers on sponsorship, and I don't blame them since I'm an unknown person in the world of expeditions, and my blog gets very little exposure. However, I got an email today from one of the organizations that said they'd consider sponsorship if I could get 1,000 'likes' on the Low2High facebook page, so if you have a facebook account, do me a favor and 'like' it, and tell your friends.

Alright, I'm going to brave the mosquitoes and make some food.


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