Kyle in Lake Assal, Djbouti

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Rookie Filmmaker

The idea of filming Low2High: Africa is exciting to me. I want to show the reality of my life on a bike in east Africa for 3 months. However, I have no clue what I’m doing.

I want the expedition to shape the film, and not the other way around. Filming will naturally alter some things as I go, and maybe I’ll make slightly different decisions as a result. Even though completing the expedition is higher priority than making the film, I’m still aiming to make a decent documentary that can be used for further fundraising for the New Day Children’s Centre and possibly open the door for me to get sponsorship for future expeditions.

This past weekend, my friend Sher gave me a crash-course in filmmaking. She will be advising me throughout Low2High on all issues related to the filming by acting as my consultant-by-email. Hopefully, if I have any questions from the road, she will be able to get me sorted.

In addition, I’m investing some of my budget in film equipment. I am borrowing two cameras, but the onboard microphones record sub-par audio. I am buying an external shotgun microphone to hopefully fix the problem. I’m also buying a clamp, so I can fix one of the cameras to anything, including the bike itself. I imagine that most of the filming will take place off the bike, while I’m walking around a town, sitting in a camp or hotel, or enjoying a vista of landscape or wildlife.

I’ve been learning the technical side of filmmaking, but I’m still trying to wrap my head around how to tell a story with a video camera. The storytelling seems abstract from where I’m sitting now, but it’s something I want to have a good grasp of before I start out. I’m open to any and all suggestions about making this film.


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