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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sense of Urgency, or Lack Thereof

I am frustrated beyond words right now. My primary assignment is not with the New Day Children’s Centre, but with an NGO that shall remain nameless right now. Today was the due date for my final assignment, an international grant application. I worked on it for weeks, and it’s been ready for about 6 days now. I’ve just been waiting for my NGO to give me one document, our audit report, which needed to be attached. After weeks of trying, no one can produce this common and public document. Every manager should have a digital copy. Now, after all the work I did, the deadline has passed. The organization will not get the money, and all my work was for not. The answer I received from the staff; “You can have it tomorrow”.

The deadline was TODAY! ‘Tomorrow’ is not only a false timeframe that is synonymous for ‘whenever the fuck I get around to it’ in the Ethiopian workplace, it’s also what they’ve been telling me every day for weeks when I ask about the report. Tomorrow is now a day too late. The application is finished, but we lost because of a missing attachment.

There’s no way of knowing if we ever would have won the grant, or how competitive we even would have been. I’m disappointed that tens-of-thousands of (US) dollars could have funded projects here, but because of simple poor work ethic, we are now disqualified. Potential future income: gone.

This is one of those days where I can’t wait to hit the road, and be free of work obligations. Set my own pace. To Kilimanjaro (whenever the fuck I get there)!


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  1. I feel your pain, I had a scenerio like that too. Sorry. You did your best for your NGO- even if you could have found the document yourself, someone should have put in the effort as their contribution to their grant. UGH.

    Time to make a bike trip freedom paper chain!