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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Spanish Imposition

Tonight was a good night of drinking beer, cracking jokes, and drawing fake mustaches onto people's faces. I went to a dinner party with a Spanish couple, and some of our friends from Japan, Korea, and Germany all came out. It was a very international night.

We played some drinking games, and had a good laugh at the expense of each other. There was a part of the game where I had to let everyone draw on my face, and I ended up looking ridiculous. It was the kind of night I needed to decompress a bit.

Earlier today, I was able to get some spare parts for my Trek mountain bike at the local market. The shitty Chinese bikes that they sell here (I have a 'Phoenix Fashion'!) have the same size tires, so I was able to pick up 10 extra spokes for 10 birr (about 65 cents USD) each, and 2 extra tires for 120 birr (about $7 USD) each. It's good to know that my wheels are taken care of. I just need to get some new brake pads, and I'm all set with my bicycle gear.


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