Kyle in Lake Assal, Djbouti

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Greetings From Djibouti!

Made it safely to Djibouti. I'm getting the run-around from the Ethiopian Embassy here about issuing me a new visa, but after speaking to the Embassador himself, I think we'll have it sorted on Monday. A little Amharic goes a long way!

I'm still trying to sort out a ride to Lake Assal to begin the Low2High ride, but we're not finding anything for less than a few hundred USD. Hopefully I'll find something cheeper. Tomorrow is off to swim with Whale Sharks in the Gulf of Tadjoura for some well-desrved R&R.

Hopefully I can update again before I go, but if not, hopefully I hit the road Monday.



Photo 1 - Cycling in Dire Dawa, Ethiopia
Photo 2 - The beach in Djibouti City
Photo 3 - Passed out in the hotel after 30+ hours of bus travel

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